Introduction and Application Procedure

The club is open to climbers and mountaineers of all abilities, new members are welcome irrespective of their previous experience. Prospective members are expected to attend at least two meets and introduce themselves to as large a cross-section of the club members as possible. Our current membership covers a very broad spectrum of age and mountaineering experience, so it is worth taking the trouble to attend a variety of meets to see which best suit your ambitions.

Membership application forms can be obtained from the Secretary by Emailing If the application is approved, and after receiving the appropriate fee, the Treasurer will issue a membership card and add the new member's details to the membership list. New members joining after the 30th of June are charged a reduced fee.

Membership Renewals

Calendar year membership fees are due on the 1st January and must be paid before the end of February for continuance of British Mountaineering Council (BMC)services of 3rd party liability accident insurance, hut bookings, discount at 700 outdoor shops and so on.

Current Membership Fees

Adult membership is £35 per annum. All members are enrolled into the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) at no extra cost for 3rd party liability insurance and other benefits from this governing mountaineering body.

The Committee

The members elect a committee consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and six Committee Members at the Annual General Meeting in October each year. The committee attends to the general running of the club and arranges the programme of meets for the year.

Club Newsletter

The Club produces a newsletter three times per year which contains news and reports of official meets and members own trips. The spring edition includes the list and contact details of members (to members only). Newsletters and additional information bulletins are sent as a 'word' document by Email. Members can opt to have printed newsletters sent by post. Send articles for the Newsletter to the Club secretary.