Monday, 9 May 2016

Family Meet 9th May - Horseshoe Quarry

A great day allowed the indulgence of many on the Limestone rocks of Horseshoe Quarry. A sport climb area in the peak district.

The location made for a simple to set-up top rope arena for all the 'New Kids on the Rock'.

We setup as usual at the Upper Tier of the quarry, which provides some of the easier routes in the quarry and given the amount of members, friends and children who attend, this serves a great plateau area for the children to roam and explore in relative safety without impeding on any other climbing in the area.

With Hannah Carrington, Alice Mason, Simon Chriscoli & Chris Manasseh representing the St Helens Club, it was a good opportunity to practice leads. Initial routes climbed and prepared were: Uranus (3+), Klingon (4) and Saturns Rings (4+).

Hannah at the start of Saturn's Rings

Once ropes were up the opportunity was given for friends and subsequent smaller people the chance to get climbing outdoors.

The weather was warm and sunny and couldn't have been a better day.

An impromptu barbecue provided some needed refreshment and a nice break in the pre-Summer sunshine.

Later in the day Hannah practices some climbs on the shorter routes of Daffy (4), Goofy (4) and Donald (4)

Chris led Torchwood (6a+), which had the crux moves within the first 2-3 moves. Chris also led the fun traverse of Beam Me Up Scotty (5), which Simon seconded and Hannah came across as a 3rd.

Thanks to all that made it a great family day out. I can see this being a more permanent fixture in the St Helens calendar.

Great weather and great turnout.
Chris M on belay.
A brave young rock monkey
Alice on Uranus