Friday, 27 May 2016

Beginners Meet - May 27-30th - Braithwaite

Despite a small turnout, the weather in Braithwaite provided the opportunity for some great climbing and walking.

On the Saturday, Alice and Jonah traveled to Buckstone How and scaled Honister Wall, followed by Woden's face.

On the Monday, Alice was joined by Simon and Yvonne and a short drive to Shepherds crag, starting off the day on Brownstone slabs.

Simon and Yvonne paired up to tackle Brown Slabs and then onto what should have been Brown Slabs Direct, but Simon leading may have veered onto Brownstones arete, leading to a bit of a zigzag climb - made for an interesting variation.

Alice and newcomer Matt tackled Brown Slabs, Brown Slabs Face and then Alice took on the test piece of Brown Slabs Crack. The climb went well for Alice with only a small bit of trepidation at the crux of the route.

Towards the end of the day, the group decided to finish on Jack Daws ridge. The multi-pitch route should only be defined as a climb for the first pitch, with the remainder being more scrambles. However the group weren't disappointed as the views in the late afternoon were the sort that Borrowdale is famous for and still a reason why so many climbers flock to the location.

Alice on Belay
Simon on Belay at Brownstone Slabs
Yvonne seconding up Brownstone Direct/Arete
Alice at the top of Brownstone Slabs
Beautfiul Borrowdale
Yvonne after climbing up a magical mystery route led by Simon
Matthew, Alice, Yvonne & Simon after climbing Jackdaw Ridge