Sunday, 17 April 2016

Beginners’ meet – Sunday April 17 – Windgather

This meet was quite well attended, by club members (7) and visitors (3), despite strong winds and the constant threat of showers.

The location was an attractive setting ahead of the climbing, with a layer of snow & ice (yes in April!), but the Sun was strong and providing some much needed warmth.

With a good mix of beginners, improvers, and experienced members, a lot of fun was had.

There was something of a family theme earlier on, with Simon and his son having fun finding gear at the top of the climbs (which at Windgather involves a keen eye and a spot of creativity).

John brought his teenage daughter along, presumably hoping to inspire her with a love of climbing, but failing comprehensively, as the wind blew them both off the crag and into the pub after an hour or so.

Paul Haunch and Barry Standish were out to for a good start on the rock with the club and after the winter period, Windgather is a good setting to get back into the swing of things.

A few hardy souls stayed on though, with Hannah and Yvonne both impressively building on their experience of leading and belay-building.

One day we’ll go to Windgather when it isn’t howling a gale. Or maybe not…!

Article - Chris Manasseh