Saturday, 5 September 2015

Wiltonfest - 5th September

Organised by the BMC North West, Wiltonfest was a day for promoting the services of the BMC and local clubs and retailers - and within the catchment area for St Helens, was a great opportunity to publicise the club.
Wiltonfest under way

Arriving at Wilton 2 early Saturday, with the weather promising to provide a good day climbing, club members; Ken Fyles, Simon Chriscoli, Paul Haunch attended with a view to representing the St Helens club. 

With all details about the club made available at the relevant stands, and with a previous member Wayne Standish, we set off over to Wilton 3 to scout out some early climbs and make the most of the day. 

Starting over at Rappel Wall where the Sun was suitably placed, Paul Haunch led Rappel Wall.

Joined by John Armstrong, Ken Fyles tackled Barbecue at the same time as Simon was leading Rappel Wall, jostling for good alternative placements.
Ken & Simon jostling for placements.
(Picture courtesy of BMC North West)

Wayne and another climber waiting for his group, tackled some of the climbs of Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Mo.

This was demonstrable of the openness of the St Helens club just to promote climbing and fair access to all.

Throughout the day, there were many climbers attending the event, with some remarkable climbing on some high grade routes, with some making nimble work of climbs such as "The Grader" (E3 5c).  We however settled for less extreme climbing.

Tackling routes such as "Parallel Cracks" (S 4a), in which an absolute bomber piece of gear was placed by Paul, however so effective was the placement it took a good 5 minutes of effort and leverage to get the piece out!

Paul and Ken further tackled routes such as Orange Crack (HS 4b), whilst with John we climbed some great routes such as the aptley named "Slime Chimey" (HVD) and for my own foray into leading, some simpler climbs as "Crack and Slab" (Vdiff) and Meeny (Vdiff)
John Armstrong on top of Rappel Wall

As the day started to close for us, it was a great opportunity to observe some great (and crazy) climbers at Wilton 2, climbing Big Dorris (E2 5c) , Falling Crack (E2 5b) and Iron Orchid (E4 6b)

Finishing the day off with a pint and a burger, it was an enjoyable and remarkable day climbing.

Article - Simon Chriscoli