Friday, 21 August 2015

Working Weekend at the Braithwaite Hut - 21-23rd August

Delayed by two weeks due to organiser holidays,  this proved to be one of the most productive working weekends in spite of a poor (wrong) weather forecast.
Saturday dawned to dry and better weather than predicted so an early start was made preparing and painting the outside of the hut. With so many helpers, the work was done by 2 pm allowing a well-earned walk up Causey Pike for Ken Fyles, Dave Archer, Helder Machado, Ken Hollis and new starter Ewan Ritchie.
Helder securing the panels in place.

Again on the Sunday, the weather was kind allowing us to fix new solar panels on the roof of the main hut to help charge the battery operating the fridge.  Putting up new solar panels on the main hut roof is always a logistical nightmare as the panels are heavy and the roof is slippery.  The problem was solved by hauling the solar panel to the roof apex by rope whilst a second rope secured Helder Machado to secure the location of the panel.  Dave Archer made the electrical connections and reported an output of 3 amps, quite good in hazy sunshine.

Meanwhile Neil McGovern and children Ben and Ella were busy clearing rubbish from the site into Neil's trailer.  Very little Kingspan off-cuts now remain and will be cleared in future visits before Christmas.  Other small jobs completed were: a lock for the toilet door, painting the white window frames of the hut, painting the brown toilet window frame, repairing a small leak in the annex roof and general clean up.

A big THANK YOU to all those who took part. 

Article - Ken Fyles