Sunday, 12 July 2015

The BBQ Meet - 10-12 July

Saturday was given the better weather forecast so Chris Manasseh, Hannah Carrington, Yvonne Parr had opted to climb at Shepherd's Crag.  Ken Fyles and Jeff Dodwell preferred a bigger mountain route and set off to scramble on Gillercombe Buttress followed by a walk up Green Gable.

Jeff, Hannah & Yvonne on the ridge of Saddleback with
distant Derwentwater.
Drizzle greeted us on the Sunday.  It was time to do the planned BBQ walk up Hall Fell Ridge.  Parking in Threlkeld we walked up to the start path.  It was closed due to the risk of a nearby dam wall collapsing.  A local by the gate said it had been like that for years but didn't advise contravening the notice.  When she learned we were planning to climb "Hall Fell Ridge" she was appalled saying it was a dangerous route particularly in the rainy conditions.  

Ken thought she was exaggerating so the lady pointed us to an alternative start path.  Just as we met the scrambling about half way up ridge, the rain stopped but even so the rock was wet and slippery.  This ridge is a joy, never very serious as easy alternatives are always easy to find and the hand holds are good.  We followed the ridge right to the summit where the weather cleared just in time for lunch.

The descent was by the long ridge of Saddleback but Yvonne and Jeff  wanted to pause at the summit for a while to take in the wonderful views.  Hannah on her first real mountain walk was amazed to see the Solway firth under the clouds and to the west Thirlmere, Derwentwater and our own hut area.  The weak sunshine on the descent ended a perfect day.