Sunday, 5 July 2015

Family Meet - Horseshoe Quarry - 5th July

Following the meet at Langdale a conversation about putting together a climbing session for those younger affiliates of the club, who may be future club members.

Alice Mason and Simon Chriscoli organised a simple meet at Horseshoe Quarry, Stoney Middleton, with a view to getting the children onto the rock.

The location was chosen for its variety of simple grade climbs and with the location being a sport climbing location, the setup for top ropes was simple with very little equipment required.

For those with families, part of the fun is ensuring that sufficient supplies are provided for all involved, including food, drink, chairs, etc.   However Alice learned to her detriment this meant there was either no room for, or she had forgotton her rock boots.  So it was barefoot on the rock for her.

Ropes were quickly setup on two "simple" routes, Luke Skywalker and Saturns Rings.

Much to our chargrin, the kids for whom these routes were setup seemed to be more interested in scrambling around and over the variety of boulders placed locally.

However, interest started to be piqued and the climbing commenced with some of the children taking their first experience on the rock.

It did turn out that both Luke Skywalker and Saturns rings, proved quite tricky for some of the smaller children, we then turned to top rope Minnie and Goofy, grade 3 climbs.

Luca (Luke Skywalker (4)), Filip (Saturns Rings (4))

Amelia (Luke Skywalker), Luca (Saturns Rings)

Alice, Simon and the rabble

 After the children had burned out, either climbing vertically or across the multitude of rocks and boulders, it was time for the adults to have a go.

Yvonne Parr joined us for the last part of the day, and we moved onto Trogg a 2 pitch (4,5) but with intention to do the first pitch, as the weather was starting to close in.

Simon led, with both Yvonne and Alice also getting some time on the rock. After Alice tried to kill me by dislodging a significant chunk of wall, the heavens decided to open, so it was a quick packup and sprint to the cars.

Simon leading Trogg (4), Yvonne belay.

Simon & Luca, with Yvonne bring up the rear as the heavens opened.

On the family meet were; Alice Mason with Emma (3) and Joseph (5), Pavla with Filip (10) and Amelia (12), Tereza with Filip (7) and Adam (9), Simon Chriscoli with Luca (7), Yvonne Parr.

All the kids were well behaved and friendships were quickly established.

Article - Simon Chriscoli