Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Annual Dinner Weekend - Part 3 ......2011

The morning after the night before - more photos from the Annual Dinner weekend 2011:

Derwent Water.

Kate, Phil, Steve and Malcolm went to Shepherd's Crag in Borrowdale.
Kate leading Little Chamonix.

Meanwhile, a few intrepid souls braved the "dangerous cliffs" of St. Bees Head
to attend Graham's bouldering meet.



Mark, spotted by Graham and JeffB.

Just in case anyone wasn't paying attention,
here is a reminder of what "L" was for in Pete's presentation.

The cliffs were quite loose and there was recent evidence of rock-fall. The boulders themselves are set a little further out from the base of the cliff and seemed safe enough provided that you did not linger directly beneath the cliffs. The bouldering was good with a variety of grades and generally smooth landings.The area caught the sun, was pleasantly warm all day and a good time was had by all.

Annual Dinner Weekend - Part 2.... 2011

Trevor, our current chairman, and Arthur, our first chairman from 1957.

This year's Annual Dinner was held at the Middle Ruddings Inn, Braithwaite, near Keswick on Saturday 26th March 2011. The dinner was well attended and attracted quite a wide range of the membership with many members attending the Saturday Walk and doing a little bouldering.

After a slightly chaotic but enjoyable meal, members were treated to an interesting and amusing presentation by Pete Chadwick. This was of particular interest because of Pete's extensive knowledge of the Merseyside and North West climbing scene which grew up around Pex Hill in the later years of the last century.

Jeff, Steve, Mark and Graham waiting for seconds.

Next came the presentation of the Club's Annual Awards. The Chairman's Award was made to Stephen Fletcher for organising the Annual Dinner(again). Club Member of the Year was awarded to your trusty news editor for his on-going efforts with the club website.

Mark Dempsey was awarded Mountaineer of the Year for all round climbing achievement. Mark has been a contender for this award for some time and last year Mark visited the Alps; did a great deal of winter climbing especially in Scotland; and he also climbed and bouldered to a high standard in the Peak, the Lakes and Wales.

The Peeler of the Year was Ste Millington for an unfortunate occurrence whilst "just warming-up on something easy" at Pex Hill.

Mark, our Mountaineer of the Year, holding the Peeler of the Year Award
which he collected on behalf of Ste Millington.

Has-Been of the Year was Malcolm Brentford. Last year Malcolm received the Mountaineer of the Year Award for his continued activity with the club and, in particular, a trip to the Himalayas in 2009. Unfortunately, it would appear that he has been resting on his laurels and didn't do much worthy of note in 2010.

Kate congratulating Malcolm on his award.

And finally, Gareth Rowlands was forced to accept the Piss Pot of the Year Award for quite prodigious consumption. We hope that he will take good care of the trophy.

After that members retired to the bar and a few keen souls even arranged a taxi to go clubbing in Keswick.

The three Kens(and Dave, and John).

Thanks to Steve for the photos.

Annual Dinner Weekend - Part 1

Here are a selection of photos from the Saturday of the Annual Dinner weekend:

Camping in the woods at the site of our hut which we are hoping will be rebuilt this year.

Bouldering on Carrock Fell.

The Annual Dinner Saturday walk around Coledale organised by Ken Fyles.
On Rowling End with Causey Pike behind.

Ascending Sail on the new path.

The view back to Scar Crags and Causey Pike.

The summit of Crag Hill, 839m.

John was determined to find some snow.

Descending Grisdale Pike.

The final descent approaching Braithwaite and beer at the Coledale Inn
before getting ready for the Annual Dinner 2011.

Burbage Beginners' Meet 2011

Saturday 19th March 2011

Here are some photos of the Beginners' Climbing Meet at Burbage North. The meet was attended by fourteen people and there was a good mix of beginners and experienced climbers so we were able to split up into a number of independent teams and move quickly around the crag. Amongst other things, teams visited the Banana Finger area, Ash Tree Wall, The Sentinel, The Grazer, the Knight's Move area and The Grogan.

The weather was spectacularly good. Dry and sunny except for a brief period around lunch time when some thicker cloud blew past. The belayers felt the breeze on top of the crag but it was much better than last year.

Rob somewhere on Ash Tree Wall.

I don't know what these two found so amusing.

Jeff and Gina on Monkey Corner.

AndyG near the top of Ringo.

Dawn also near the top of Ringo.

Ringo and Ring Climb both Severe.

Jeff belayed by Steve on Ring Climb.

 While we had lunch after climbing Black Slab, we saw somebody top-roping the Sentinel. This is is graded E2 5c and it was led in good style a few years ago by Mark(See the video on YouTube). [Don't forget that you can view an enlarged version of all the photos by clicking on them.]

Chris and Malcolm ready for the pub.

We climbed until the sun went down and then retired to the Yorkshire Bridge Inn in Bamford for much needed refreshment and to compare our grit rash.

Thanks to Rob, Steve and Gina for taking the photos.