Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jonah and the Helicopter

Jonah has had his first ride in a helicopter. Here is his report:

OK Folks,

Should have called this one the adventure meet ...........

Drove down on friday with RichC & MarkB, too damp to climb so went for a v.nice Nepalese curry.

Saturday morning saw us on the boat to Lundy with blue skies, followed climbing Ulysses Factor on the Focal Face - top HVS felt really adventurous as was quite out of the way, big, and a bit loose.

Sunday - blue skies again, so went to Landing Craft bay to do Shamrock, but couldn't get to it due to the tide. We decided on Cow Pie (should have read the Lundy pub climbing log, or UKC). Two really nice VS pitches topped by approx 25m of steep, loose grass / mud / big rocks - just managed to get to the abseil rope and attach myself, when I touched a microwave+ sized rock which proceeded to hurtle down the crag just missing the boys - GULP - without the ab rope I would have been following it.
Then we changed the ab and did Shamrock - ace 3 pitch VS with a much more solid top-out.
Then over to Flying Buttress, and raced the incoming tide to do Horsemans Route - well exposed for the grade.

Monday - went to the top of the island and climbed a pinnacle called the Constable - like grit by the sea. Weather then decided to rain with us about as far from shelter as you can get on the island - got v.wet and retreated to the pub for lunch.
In the afternoon we went to the Knights Templar Rocks to get out of the wind. Rich & Mark climbed a steep VS called Saladin.

Tuesday - It all went wrong.
Got to the pub for breakfast to find that the boat was cancelled (high seas) and that we were going to be leaving by helicopter. Ace we thought, apart from the dense fog which was covering the island.
At 15:00 the staff called it all off - we were stranded. So up went the tents, and to the pub once more........

Wednesday - Got up to blue skies, and a heli briefing, caught my first ride in a whirly bird - totally ace experience.

Now home - top adventure.


[Editor's note: Anyone who likes the sound of that might like to consider Jonah's Official Adventure Meet on the 1st to 3rd October 2010.]