Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Beginners' Hut Meet - The Lakes 2015

Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May, 2015

The new hut near Keswick is now completed and has good kitchen facilities, a wood burning fire, comfortable single bunk sleeping accommodation.
Coordinator for the meetMalcolm Brentford

More information about use of the hut is as follows:

Hut fees £5 per member, £8 per guest, Children of members £2 per person per night.  The hut Warden is Chris Ward Email: chrissieoliver@btinternet.com.
The hut is available for use by members at any time though persons who have pre-booked accommodation with the hut warden have priority of bunks.
Persons may on reasonable notice reserve the whole hut space for the exclusive use of their party.  A minimum fee of £50 per weekend or part of a weekend must be paid for this service.  Members are then Emailed asking them to avoid using the hut on exclusively booked periods.