Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lakes Ice

While Graham and others were in Scotland this weekend, Jonah and MarkD went to the Lakes on Saturday in search of entertainment and it sounds like they found it:

Had a great day on Saturday in the lakes with MrD. Went into Hart & Scrubby Crags on the Ulswater side of Fairfield - most impressive, with loads to go at.

Did, Hart Crag Icefalls - nice multipitch grade III.
Something in the middle of the crag which we thought was another grade III, the crux 10m of which was more like V, 6 (top lead from MrD, doing some very techy mixed shenanagins a long way above a crap nut).

We then went over to Pendulum Gully, a really atmospheric grade II/III and did it rather speedily moving together - can really recommend this one - has some great chock stones to climb.

Finished the day on the top watching the moonrise - amazing sight as it was orange, and almost matched the colour of the setting sun to the west.

Spotted some more stuff up there that will be worth going back for - Pendulum Ridge looks particularly good - but not in condition on Saturday.