Saturday, 20 February 2010

Helvellyn in 2010.

A report on Trevor's trip to the Lakes on Wednesday:

I set out from the car park in Glenridding heading for Catstye Cam Gully. The photos show the weather conditions I was faced with. There was fresh snow down but on entering the gully, my axes found hard stuff beneath and it was most enjoyable.

I branched out right and picked my way through the rocks ( as mentioned on UK Climbing winter conditions page) to arrive at the highest point of Catstye Cam. You can see my steps to the summit in the photograph. It's an extremely long gully and it just keeps coming, well worth doing.

Then I traversed from Swirral Edge into gully number 1 in the Red Tarn area, only to discover a rope, DMM Fly axe, ice screws insitu, etc., as if someone had just vanished from the scene. Two other climbers arrived in the gully and we shared the task of recovering the gear as we ascended. ( Nice steep groove of ice two thirds up).

I handed over the retrieved gear to the other party as one of them was based in Patterdale.
Of course these days no chance of keeping the bounty as folks put notices up on UK climbing...can I have my gear back please... sort of thing and one feels obliged to do the right thing. (You can look at the posting under Lost and Found to see the list of gear that was left, but the guy gives no explanation of why it was left there, last time I looked).

Plenty of hefty cornices on top of Helvellyn, but not from the exit of Gully No.1, as can be seen. To be honest it's the only safe wat up at the moment in my humble opinion.

We came back along striding edge, notice the picie with no one on the edge except me.

All in all an excellent day out on the hills in superb conditions.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I do get out from time to time and therefore do not wish to be nominated for "has been of the year" for a second year running.

Trev S.