Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jonah and the Helicopter

Jonah has had his first ride in a helicopter. Here is his report:

OK Folks,

Should have called this one the adventure meet ...........

Drove down on friday with RichC & MarkB, too damp to climb so went for a v.nice Nepalese curry.

Saturday morning saw us on the boat to Lundy with blue skies, followed climbing Ulysses Factor on the Focal Face - top HVS felt really adventurous as was quite out of the way, big, and a bit loose.

Sunday - blue skies again, so went to Landing Craft bay to do Shamrock, but couldn't get to it due to the tide. We decided on Cow Pie (should have read the Lundy pub climbing log, or UKC). Two really nice VS pitches topped by approx 25m of steep, loose grass / mud / big rocks - just managed to get to the abseil rope and attach myself, when I touched a microwave+ sized rock which proceeded to hurtle down the crag just missing the boys - GULP - without the ab rope I would have been following it.
Then we changed the ab and did Shamrock - ace 3 pitch VS with a much more solid top-out.
Then over to Flying Buttress, and raced the incoming tide to do Horsemans Route - well exposed for the grade.

Monday - went to the top of the island and climbed a pinnacle called the Constable - like grit by the sea. Weather then decided to rain with us about as far from shelter as you can get on the island - got v.wet and retreated to the pub for lunch.
In the afternoon we went to the Knights Templar Rocks to get out of the wind. Rich & Mark climbed a steep VS called Saladin.

Tuesday - It all went wrong.
Got to the pub for breakfast to find that the boat was cancelled (high seas) and that we were going to be leaving by helicopter. Ace we thought, apart from the dense fog which was covering the island.
At 15:00 the staff called it all off - we were stranded. So up went the tents, and to the pub once more........

Wednesday - Got up to blue skies, and a heli briefing, caught my first ride in a whirly bird - totally ace experience.

Now home - top adventure.


[Editor's note: Anyone who likes the sound of that might like to consider Jonah's Official Adventure Meet on the 1st to 3rd October 2010.]

Monday, 28 June 2010

Beginners' Meet Photos

The beginners' meet on Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of June 2010 was attended by about sixteen people. It all started on the Friday evening with the usual beers and planning in the Coledale Inn. Those too lazy or unprepared to cook their own breakfast were able to avail themselves of the excellent hot sandwiches, freshly baked bread and packed lunches available from the Braithwaite General Store.

On Saturday, parties visited Gillercombe Buttress, Raven Crag and Glaciated Slab. On Sunday most people went to Brown Slabs at Shepherds' Crag. After most people had left early for a variety of reasons, some not entirely unassociated with the football, those remaing were able to make a leisurely ascent of Little Chamonix on a rare crowd-free evening.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Beginners' Hut Meet - The Lakes 2015

Friday 22nd to Monday 25th May, 2015

The new hut near Keswick is now completed and has good kitchen facilities, a wood burning fire, comfortable single bunk sleeping accommodation.
Coordinator for the meetMalcolm Brentford

More information about use of the hut is as follows:

Hut fees £5 per member, £8 per guest, Children of members £2 per person per night.  The hut Warden is Chris Ward Email:
The hut is available for use by members at any time though persons who have pre-booked accommodation with the hut warden have priority of bunks.
Persons may on reasonable notice reserve the whole hut space for the exclusive use of their party.  A minimum fee of £50 per weekend or part of a weekend must be paid for this service.  Members are then Emailed asking them to avoid using the hut on exclusively booked periods.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Brownstones Quarry

A few photos from the Climbing Skills meet held at Brownstones Quarry on Sunday 6th June:

Afterwards, we retired to Bob's Smithy for a well earned drink. However, some wag must have told them we were coming because we were greeted with this notice on the car park wall:

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ogwen Camping 2015

Camping Meet Ogwen will take place 26-28 June 2015.  Meet leader Helder Machado.
A few photos of some of our members on a past camping meet near Ogwen:

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Green Monster

Pex Hill, Monday 10th May

Video by Graham of Mark and Andy climbing Green Monster E4 6a.

[Editor's note: The shared use of a helmet is a useful tip for safe climbing during the credit crunch.]

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Joint Merseyside Clubs Meet 2015

12th – 14th June 2015

The Joint Merseyside Clubs Meet brings the St. Helens Mountaineering Club, the Wayfarers' Club and the Merseyside Mountaineering Club for a weekend in Langdale each year on the second weekend of June.

Accommodation is at the Wayfarers' Hut (called Robertson Lamb Hut RLH) situated just half a mile from the New Dungeon Ghyll/Stickle Barn Hotels. Each Club is allowed 8 to 10 places. There are 30 bunks and since reciprocal rights rules apply for this weekend the price is just £5 per night.

A Saturday evening dinner (usually 3 courses) will be provided this year by one of the Clubs normally at a cost of £6 per head.

Anyone who has been to the RLH Hut will know that it is ideally situated for the Langdale hills and crags. The large kitchen has ample cooking facilities and the very large lounge is comforted by an open coal fire. There are two showers and three toilets.

This meet is normally predominantly rock-climbing but walkers are also welcome.

All enquiries to the meet coordinator, Ken Fyles.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Windgather 2010

Sunday 25th April

The beginners' meet was attended by about eighteen people. A variety of routes from Diff. to VS were climbed in a variety of styles. As is usual at Windgather, although the climbing itself is very pleasant, belays at the top always require some ingenuity.

The weather definitely favoured those keen enough to be up early. Although it was warm and bright for much of the morning, the clouds looked increasingly menacing and eventually, a little after 2pm, it started raining. A swift retreat to the cars resulted in a rendezvous at the Bull's Head in Kettleshume before the journey home.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Pex Hill

Monday evening 19th April

The evening climbing meet at Pex Hill was well attended with just over a dozen people turning up for both bouldering and top-roped climbing. Despite the rain in the night and early on Monday morning, conditions were dry and it stayed light well into the evening.

Special thanks is due to the meet coordinator, Will Simm, for sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of the place and also for showing us how it should be done:

Monday, 12 April 2010

Spring in the Clwydian Hills

Sunday 11th April, 2010.

A very prompt report, by Ken Fyles, on this ramble:

Eleven people turned up for a rather unusal ramble in the Clwydians - it took no summits but meandered along lonely tracks you would never have thought existed. Weather was perfect for walking and the views across the valleys were magnificent in the spring sunshine. Roger Sager, a native of Ruthin was the guide.

Anne and Alison fell in love with two new born lambs with mother keeping a watchful eye.

The second photo was taken along the Leet path which goes to Loggerheads. This is an old mining trail which helped to drain many of the mines in this area. The photo is on a bridge spanning the entrance to one of the mines about 60ft below. Of interest to the climbers, the steep wall on the left of the photo has bolted routes whilst the right wall has steep slabs which look as though they give nice, not all that easy, climbing.

Lunch was at the pub "We Three Loggerheads".

Monday, 29 March 2010

Burbage North

Beginners' Meet Sunday 28th March, 2010.

The day was a bit windy but it remained dry and we had a decent day's climbing. Surprisingly, we found the popular climbs around Twenty Foot Crack unoccupied and so we were able to but the beginners to the test with a few classics.

Although not everyone stopped to climb, twenty-five people known to the club showed their faces at Burbage on Sunday which is a very impressive turnout: Maurice, Emma, AndyC, AndyG, Dawn, Rob, Frank, KenMc, Spenner, PaulD, Amanda, "Pope" Paul, Gail, Fiona, Kate, Malcolm, MarkW, MarkD, Graham, Jeff, Justin, Trevor, Dave, Gareth and Derek.

Thanks to Rob and Spenner for the photos:

Monday, 15 March 2010

Point Five Gully

Scotland 11th to 14th March

Jonah is making full use of the continuing winter weather:

Evening Folks, Just back from another jaunt up north - top trip.

Left home with MarkB at 20:00 on Thursday, got to the north face car park by 2:00 Friday, slept in the car for the grand total of 2 & 1/2 hours (two people + kit in an ibiza = snug).

Headed up the Ben and got to the CIC for 7:00ish. Headed out towards the North East Buttress, but got to the middle of tower gully and noticed no-one was on Point 5 - well what can be said...

Led the up to the rogue pitch in two long pitches, I got the first complete with a mega spindrift shower, Mark got the second chimney pitch (best pitch of the climb). I pulled over the last bulge of his pitch to see him happliy belayed to the base of the rogue pitch. So up and over I went (really steep for a few moves), and into the upper gully. A couple more pitches, some moving together, a dodgy cornice, and all of a sudden two climbers with big daft grins were standing on the summit.

Funnily enough the Ben was descended quite rapidly to showers and hero beers...

1) Looking up the gully from the bottom.

2) Mark starting the 2nd pitch.

3) Mark belayed to the bottom of the rogue pitch.

On saturday we joined up with Si, Martin, and AndyM and went to Stob Coire Nam Beith in Glen Coe. Conditions were not brilliant, so Andy and Mark elected for Rugby and beer. Si, Martin and myself climbed the first couple of pitches of No 1 Buttress, and then finished off up Arch Gully to the summit. Made for a really nice long climb of about 240m grade III. Went down far Clachaig beer, and went and found the boys - another top day.

Looking forwards to the next adventure...