Wednesday, 14 October 2009


While everyone else was getting ready for the Anglesey Camping Weekend, Jonah and RichC slipped away down south for a long weekend on the South Coast. Here is a brief report from RichC:

Myself and Jonah having retreated down to Swanage in search of sun were greeted with showers on Friday. We squeezed in Freda (VS 5a ***) led by myself in a break in the weather. Unbelievably greasy low down it got better as you got higher.

Saturday brought the much sought after sunshine - an unseasonably warm day with clear blue skies saw Lightning Wall (HVS 4c ***) led by Jonah, and Finale Groove (HVS 4c ***) led by myself. Both routes are long single pitches (38m and 35m respectively) on very steep ground - looking down from halfway up Finale Groove, I found I'd actually climbed right over Jonah's head.

Sunday brought more miserable weather, with cold winds to boot. We drove up to the Wye valley to have a look at Wyndcliffe - a fine venue by the looks of things, unfortunately the heavens opened literally as we touched the rock. It seems climbing on Sunday was not to be.