Monday, 14 September 2009


Sport climbing and the search for the G Spot.

MarkD, AndyO, Charlie and AndyG travelled up to Giggleswick for some bolted limestone sport climbing. They were joined later by Jess and AndyC, and also Maurice. And even later still, Will and Chris turned up since this was in fact the first day of Will's Yorkshire Camping meet.

Mark and AndyO had a good day climbing in the low to mid sixes, with the occasional F6c thrown in for good measure. They also got an ascent of the classic of the crag, Black Swan Rising 16m F6b 3***.

Will was climbing well with his usual balance and composure, born of long experience. However, his companions found his example hard to follow.

Likewise, AndyG, Jess and Charlie were also having a hard time finding their feet on the limestone but they still managed about half a dozen routes around F5 and F5+.

After, a final exhausting attempt at top-roping an F6a previously ascended by Mark, they decided to go and find the G Spot whilst Mark and Andy did a few more F6a's to "warm down". As you might expect, even with Jess along for guidance, the G Spot proved hard to find and the intrepid crew travelled far through dense undergrowth and explored several clefts and caverns before finding the right one.

For those of you who don't already know, the G Spot is a cave high in the hillside above Giggleswick and is home to one of the two hardest bolted sport climbs in Britain. First ascended in 2004 by John Gaskins, Violent New Breed 7m F9a+ 3* climbs out of the back of a cave and directly up the apparently blank and obviously bulging wall above.

Returning to the main crag, after taking several wrong turns on the descent, they found that Mark and Andy had finally worn themselves out. You know that Mark has had a hard day when he says things like, "I just fancy a pint outside a nice country pub," instead of jumping into his car and driving straight home.