Monday, 24 August 2009

The Roaches

Sunday 23rd August 2009

Things started slowly due to the slighly delayed arrival of the meet organiser and kicked off with a tour of the Lower Tier whilst AndyG, KenMc and Rob attempted to make contact with the various parties that we were expecting. This also gave people an opportunity to examine the remains of the recent rockfall from the top pitch of Valkyrie.

Eventually contact was made with Jeff and DaveC (and family) while Julie and Carl did Yong HVD 4A 10m 2* before joining everyone else on the Upper Tier. Meanwhile, Dave, Gareth, Steve and Trevor were on a stealth mission to the Skyline area.

KenMc led Jeff up Right Route VDiff 24m 3* and they managed to retrieve another party's stuck gear while they were at it.

DaveC got started by leading Rob up Rotunda Buttress VS 4c 18m 1*.

Julie led Carl up Jeffcoat's Chimney VDiff 24m 2*.

DaveC also led Jeff up Black and Tans S 4a 30m 3* and Central Route VS 4b 16m 2* before heading over to the Heather Slab area. Here, Rob led Inverted Staircase Diff 22m 3*, finding an elegant solution to the chockstones in the final chimney.

A little further back KenMc led old members, Paul and Amanda, up Maud's Garden Sev 4a 22m 3*. After some encouragement, Julie also enjoyed leading Carl up Maud's Garden.

At around 4pm, Dave, Gareth, Steve and Trevor decided they had done enough and made arrangements to meet everyone at the pub later. Then, while Rob also led Maud's Garden in very good style, DaveC and Jeff got the last climb of the day with an ascent of Damascus Crack, by the slightly harder variation finish VS 4c 12m 1*. By which time it was starting to rain, so everyone retreated to The Lazy Trout in Meerbrook.