Sunday, 19 April 2009

Climbing Report, 2009.

A brief report of activity over the weekend.

It all started on Friday 17th, when Jonah and MarkD went to Millstone in the Peak District. According to Jonah, "Didn't get too mangled today - just pumped stupid on Bond Street." However, MarkD experienced considerable difficulties and didn't complete a route which is most unusual for him.

After extensive e-mail correspondence, it was finally agreed that Mr. Buddle, SteveJ, MarkD, MarkC, Jonah, and possibly SteM would go up to The Lakes on Saturday 18th. Mr. Buddle, of Classic Rock fame, sent us this brief report:
"A good day was had by all in sunny Eskdale. The plan was to climb Gormenghast on Heron Crag, then on up to Esk Buttress, but due to time constraints we stayed and just ticked Heron Crag instead, with everyone getting up Gormenghast, Bellerophon and Side Track in a variety of styles and levels of fear. Good stuff."
Meanwhile, DaveC and AidW were in Wales having a proper traditional climbing experience, grappling with the delights of Monolith Crack on Clogwyn y Tarw. Although only graded "Severe," the guide book describes the route as:
"A unique and legendary climb that requires both strength and a particular fighting spirit to succeed."
The guide book also quotes A. J. J. Moulam describing it as:
"More speleology than rock climbing."

One notable absentee from the weekend's activities, was new member AndyO'B who has injured himself putting his child's buggy into the car. The details of his injury are too gruesome to relate here but we do hope that Andy realises that injuries involving buggies are also supposed to involve great speed and drunkeness. However, it is to his credit that he did not require a helicopter to get him to hospital.