Monday, 30 March 2009

No.3 Gulley Buttress, 2009.

Jonah and RichC in Scotland 26th - 29th March, 2009.

Jonah and RichC went up to Fort William on Thursday evening for what they hoped would be a long weekend of winter climbing. The weather was no good on Friday but Saturday turned out to be what West Coast Mountain Guides described in their blog as "A very good day."

The photo below is by Tom Parkin via the West Coast Mountain Guides Blog. Tom holds the Mountain Instructor Certificate, works all over the UK and leads expeditions abroad. His website(currently under construction) is French speaking clients can contact Tom via

Jonah is the third dot from the top with RichC just below him.

Photo by Tom Parkin MIC

Jonah described it as a "lovely route with fantastic exposure on the top pitches where it traverses around the top of the buttress. We could only get one route done as all of the descent gullies were well loaded with fresh snow. I read last night that someone was swept 300m by an avalanche on Sunday."

"On Sunday, we did the walk into Curved Ridge in Glen Coe. But it was too warm, the snow was melting as we walked in !!!!

Roll on next weekend, it just needs a couple of freeze/thaw cycles to consolidate the gullies."

Thanks to Jonah for a prompt report on his and RichC's activities.