Sunday, 26 October 2008

We're on Facebook

The club now has a group on Facebook for St. Helens MC members.

Julie has started a group on Facebook for St. Helens Mountaineering Club, you can see it here:

You will need to have already joined Facebook to be able to join the group and contribute to the articles and discussions on the page.

After you have signed up, visit the St. Helens MC group page and click the link "Request to Join Group" which is on the right-hand side of the page under the photo.

This initative has already attracted positive comment from John:

Hi good to see this up and running, its going to be a great tool for the club. All meets co-ordinators should be members of this so they can commuicate on their trips, venues last minute changes etc.
And all members interested in going on meets should be members. They can then escape the wall, the walls are closing in on me and break out into the fresh air, gulp!!!
And a big thanks to Julie from me and all the members for setting this up ......

As he says, it would be particularly helpful if meet coordinators could use this facility to keep members informed of their plans. This should be especially useful in attracting those members who are unable to attend the Wednesday evening meets at The Abbey.

Any queries contact Julie.