Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Burbage North

Following a request from a new prospective member and interest expressed by several others a special trip to Burbage was arranged for Sunday 14th September 2008.

Although there were a few latecomers, most people met at 9:30am at the Burbidge Bridge car park. Several beginners and prospective members attended including Rebecca, Paul, Alison, Fiona, Anne and her daughter, and also Debs and Neil.

A wide variety of routes were attempted, although the focus was on giving the beginners a gentle introduction to the art of gritstone friction climbing.

The video shows Neil(a prospective member but actually very experienced) top roping Black Slab (VS 4b 1* 8m) belayed by Paul and supervised by DaveC.

However, after that gentle introduction, DaveC seemed determined to inflict a little bit of gritstone thuggery on some of our slightly more experienced beginners.

Hence the photo above and also this video of Alison top-roping The Grazer (VS 4c 1* 8m).

Other routes climbed included Monkey Wall (Mod 8m), Monkey Corner (VDiff 1* 8m), 20 Foot Crack (Severe 4b 1* 6.15m), Sentinel Crack (Diff 10m), End Slab (Mod 8m) and End Buttress (Mod 8m).

The weather was dry and warm enough although slightly overcast. Everyone had a very enjoyable day, although it was slightly more strenuous for some than others, and there was no dissent when DaveC suggested that we all retire to the Yorkshire Bridge Inn near Bamford for a well deserved pint, or three, on the way home.

Top-ropes and assorted gear was provided by MarkD, DaveC and AndyG amongst others.

Thanks is also due to all the other members(including even the exceptionally elusive TrevorS) who turned out to make the beginners and prospective members welcome.