Monday, 28 July 2008

A Weekend in Wales

On Friday 25th July, Richard, Gail, AndyG and another Andy braved the evening traffic on the A55 heading to North Wales. Having dined before setting out, Richard seized the initiative and reached the campsite in Capel Curig whilst the rest of the party were still eating a chip supper in Conway. Tent swiftly erected, he escaped the midges and retreated to the pub to hassle us with text messages.

When we arrived, we found that Richard had already returned from the pub. However, once his tent was swiftly erected, AndyG easily persuaded him to go back. Somehow Gail and the other Andy managed not to notice the nearest pub which was a mere thirty yards from the campsite and instead they walked over half a mile through Capel Curig to the Tyn Y Coed. We have still not conclusively established whether this was Gail's usual lackadaisical navigation or whether she and Andy were being deliberately anti-social.

However, next morning saw everyone up bright and early for the walk to the Heather Terrace on Tryfan. Struggling with lack of sleep, an inadequate breakfast and poor hydration, Gail soon came up with the quote of the day, "You guys have just walked up that, like it's a walk!". Since we were just strolling along from Tryfan Bach towards the end of the North Ridge at the time, we naturally felt quite justified in pointing out that it really was only "a walk."

Upon reaching the Heather Terrace, we made our way to the start of Grooved Arete which was the most interesting way for us to gain access to our own objective for the day, Bellevue Bastion. Climbing as two pairs, we made good progress up Grooved Arete behind another party of three climbers who also made short work of the route. After reaching the ledge at the end of the fourth pitch, we scrambled leftwards and upwards to the right hand side of Terrace Wall.

Bellevue Bastion(VS 160ft 2*) turned out to be an excellent route. From below it looked very imposing with two roofs blocking the way to the arete which led to the top. However, cunning route finding circumvents the roofs via steep slabs.

The second pitch, although technically the easier of the two, involves a particularly spectacular step onto a small triangular ledge set right on the front of the arete.

After a short rest and a late lunch, we packed up the climbing gear and scrambled up the North Tower and then on to the main summit of Tryfan.

Once on the summit, Andy was easily persuaded to perform the traditional ritual of leaping between Adam and Eve, the two large stones on the top of the mountain.

After descending via the South Summit, we made our way down to Bochlwyd Buttress where Richard and the other Andy climbed Five Pitch Route(Severe 110ft) whilst AndyG soloed Arete and Slab(Diff. 110ft) and Two Pitch Route(Severe 100ft). Finally AndyG and Richard both soloed Shadow Arete(Diff. 200ft) which although easy by modern standards takes a beautiful line up some remarkably compact rock in a fine position on the extreme left hand side of the crag.

We then returned to the campsite for much needed showers and well earned dinner.

Next morning saw another early start, as we had arranged to meet Alison, Pope Paul and Mark in the Pass near the Cromlech Boulders. Mark arrived around 8:30am and was soon on his way up to the crag with his mate Steve and Pope Paul. The other Andy set off for a days scrambling up the south side of the Pass, leaving the rest of us to follow Mark up to Dinas Cromlech.

AndyG led Alison up Flying Buttress(V.Diff. 87m 3*) which was her first multi-pitch climb on a mountain crag.

And Richard led Gail up Sabre Cut(VS 55m 3*).

Photo © Mark Stevenson 2008

Meanwhile, Mark led Steve and Paul up Noah's Warning(VS 67m 3*) before trying Cenotaph Corner(E1 5c 37m 3*). Although much of the climb went easily, the crux moves proved to be remarkably strenuous and Mark needed to rest on his gear.

Photo © Mark Stevenson 2008

After a stop for lunch, Mark continued with Cemetery Gates(E1 5b 52m 3*), seconded by Paul. It was Steve's first time on a mountain crag and although he enjoyed himself immensely, he was completely wrecked after seconding Cenotaph Corner, so he decided to give Cemetery Gates a miss.

While all that was going on Richard and AndyG climbed Dives/Better Things(HS 4b 60m 3*) before deciding to call it a day.

The entire weekend was blessed with remarkably fine weather which caused us all a little sunburn and de-hydration. Sunday was a big day out for all concerned, with some brave on-sight climbing from both Richard and Mark, and Alison and Steve both having new experiences on a mountain crag. We were all quite tired and reported exhaustion and a variety of aches and pains when we went to the club meet at the climbing wall on Monday night.

The additional photography in this article is courtesy of Mark Stevenson and more of his work can be seen in his UKC photo gallery.