Thursday, 24 July 2008

Parbold Quarry

Against the advice of their elders and betters, and especially Pope Paul, Graham and Ste ventured into the Lancashire hinterland to sample the delights of Parbold Quarry.

It looks nice in the photo, with the evening light gently filtering through the trees and Ste is even smiling! However this is where it starts to get interesting. He started up a VDiff, got halfway and decided against it, then instead of just down climbing as suggested, he stepped left to a different VDiff and down climbed that instead - he's claiming it as a new route...

On Second Thoughts: -3* (that's minus 3 stars)
"Start 2m right of the grubby loose arĂȘte. Climb the obvious diagonal line up the mud caked wall for 6m to a slimy shelving ledge(no gear). Baulk at the unprotected tricky mantel and traverse off left to escape down the arĂȘte. Truly awful."
Anyway, here's the last word from Graham:
"Now I can wholeheartedly recommend to those that haven't been there, that they don't go. Ever ever ever ever ever. Unless you want a very unique experience - muddy, manky, damp rock. Yuk.

It would possibly be ok-ish after a very long dry spell and a lot of traffic. But this is Britain, and it's in Parbold, so it ain't going to get either of those things."