Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Day's Pocket Pulling at Beeston Tor.

Mark and Ste were allowed out on Saturday 3rd of May and went to Beeston Tor. Here is Mark's report:

So what did me and Ste think about Beeston Tor? Well..... 8 stars in total, 156 meters of climbing, 4 routes and 8 pitches, with the easiest route of the day being HVS. I suppose it would be an understatement to say we loved the place(oh, not to mention that we had perfect weather all day).

With heavily pocketed limestone to pull on and all sorts of ingenious threads for protection we set off on our warm up route:

The Thorn 48m 3 star HVS...... Pitch 1 4b a fingery slab but a good warm up. Pitch 2 5a warm up definitely over slightly overhanging with a problematic bulge and some bushwhacking to top out. Well worth the 3 stars!

Then it was time to push things further with:

Pocket Symphony 38m 2 star E1....... Pitch 1 4c a simple enough climb that also served as the first pitch to the next two routes so after this ascent, the ropes where ditched and we soloed to the first belay. Pitch 2 5b More fingery climbing with as the guide book states 'surprises a-plenty', the biggest surprise coming as I strayed off route making an almost unreversible move. Ten minutes later after allot of sweat and swearing I was back on route and on the top.

Ste then decided we weren't pushing it enough (honest) so it was on to:

Deaf Dove 38m 1 star E2........ Pitch 1 as stated above. Pitch 2 5c yet again more pockets only this time smaller and further apart, a full on pump-fest especially when fiddling in threads through tiny holes.

Finally after a food break and with still pulsating forearms we finished on:

Evensong 38m 2 star E1........ Pitch 1 as above. Pitch 2 5a Probably the easiest route of the day or it would have been if we weren't so pumped. However we were soon back on top taking in the view and enjoying the late afternoon sun.

Then that was it, day over, after a quick abseil down we packed up and plodded back to the car utterly done in.

All routes lead clean on-sight by me and seconded by Ste.

Sorry no pics, as usual I forgot my camera.

[Editor's Note: Once again we are pleased to report that Mark is successfully pushing his grade. A clean on-sight lead of an E2 5c is another step forward in Mark's climbing career.]